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In reviewing what I have posted on this page over the years, I have noticed that some of what I have written may not necessarily be as clear or relevant as it was when I wrote it. Even being the author, it can be a little difficult to remember exactly what was going on at the moment in order to put it into the right context.

That said, I have chosen to leave 99% of what I have written. Much of what I put up is as relevant today as it was even several years ago when I wrote it. Taken as a whole and read in chronological order, one can also see where some of my thoughts and positions have changed or evolved over time.


Statement on "Knollwood Tract" PUD zoning November 2012

Why "Working It Out at the Incremental Plan Stage" on the "Knollwood Tract" PUD Zoning Application Is a Myth- October 2012

CCRC Community Benefit Statements from St. Joseph of the Pines 2008-2012 Property Tax avoidance: $888,000/year. Average claimed "Community Benefit" $173,000/year.

Letter received from Sharon Hakas Concerning "Knollwood Tract" Rezoning October 2012

Response from Knollwood Tract applicant (original questions included) October 2012 (Note: Page six includes the only three questions from other Councilmembers. I believe #1 is from Mike Fields and the others are from Jim Simeon)

Questions for Knollwood Tract applicant October 2012

Facilities Master Plan- Moore County Schools 2006-2018

Statement on PD Zoning Amendment at 11-9-2010 Council Meeting November 2010

Southern Pines Council Alert October 2010

A New Water Authority? June 2010

Sign Code Shakedown May 2010

All That Noise in Wake and Nary a Peep in Moore March 2010

Statement to Moore County Board of Education on School Districts February 2010

Do I smell smoke? No it's just the County cutting funding for Fire Departments February 2010

A Morning at the Commissioners Retreat"Water" 'bout it? January 2010

“How NOT to Equitably Pay for Growth” or “Subsidizing Others’ Growth 101” October 2009

Pinewild Annexation, Vote, etc. April 2009

Watch the Money February 2009

2003 Letter to Council on the Change in Terms of Office From Two to Four Years March 2003

Statement to Board of Education regarding Pincrest IB program and votes of the Board October 2008

"Politics" October 2008

“The Silence is Deafening Yet Some People Can’t (Won’t) Hear It” October 2008

Pinehurst Nissan August 2008

Moore County Water Source Evaluation and Plan (McGill Study) -Warning Large File Size (5MB) This is the actual report itself, not a commentary.

Statement on Moratorium Vote May 2008

"Get your facts straight" or "Does he even live here?" April 2008

Moratorium- The irony of the whole thing March 2008

Statement to Board of Education on IB Program at Southern Middle School March 2008

"Grandstanding" February 2008

Statement on Final Pine Needles Village Vote February 2008

Statement on Pine Needles Village Vote December 2007

(7/17/2007) I'm running for Mayor. I have created a new section of my site for the 2007 Mayoral race in Southern Pines. Click here.

Trees, Homes, and Chapels August 2007

Statement and Motion on Cedar Tree August 2007

The Race For Mayor Is On June 2007

5-8-07 Meeting- Statement on PUD Amendment May 2007

New Police Building Location April 2007

Statement on PUD Amendment at 4-10-07 Council Meeting April 2007

Statement to County Commissioners February 2007

2007 Forecast Part I January 2007

Thank You and Sorry About the Tumbleweeds January 2007

Why I Love Southern Pines #437 December 2006

Alternative Revenue- Land Transfer Tax November 2006

The Gulley's Issue November 2006

Oh Boy A New Conspiracy!!! November 2006

Save Southern Pines November 2006

Planning comes to YouTube November 2006

My Petition: Stop the CRUD October 2006

Intimidated? October 2006

"The Score" and "The Schedule" October 2006

Does Anyone Really Care? October 2006

EPA: "Protecting Water Resources With Higher-Density Development" October 2006

Conflict of interest? The fix is in? October 2006

Comprehensive Long Range Plan October 2006

Growth September 2006

PUD (Planned Unit Developments) September 2006

Affordable Housing Summer 2006

Statement to County Commissioners June 2006

Statement to County Commissioners May 2006

Church Expansions April 2006

Commercial Architectural Review November 2005


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